/images/SWM examining the rocks of the Durness Limestone group (8)comprweb.JPG

May 2019: Looking at a face in the Sailmhor Formation of the Durness Group rocks showing white balloon-shaped nodules of chert. Balnakeil, Durness Sutherland.


/images/SWM examining the rocks of the Durness Limestone group (7)comprweb.JPG

May 2019: Examining the Eilean Dubh formation of the Durness Group, with its Stomatolites, Balnakeil, Durness, Sutherland.


/images/Wood Warbler Miltonrigg Wood Brampton (13) compr web.JPG

May 2019: Wood Warbler singing vigorously in Miltonrigg Wood, Brampton near Carlisle Cumbria UK


/images/FoLD training Wrynose Fell May 2019 SWM (4)web.jpg

May 2019: Long Crag, Wrynose Fell English lake District - Volcanic tuffs


 /images/FoLD training Wrynose Fell May 2019 SWM (3)web.jpg

May 2019: Discussing the origin and emplacement of air-fall tuffs, Wrynose Fell English Lake District


/images/FoLD training Wrynose Fell May 2019 SWM (1)web.jpg

May 2019:  Examining an ignimbrite (aka welded tuff) with fiamme Long Crag Wrynose Fell, English Lake District


 /images/FoLD birds & habitats course photo by Ruth Kirk (6)web sized.jpg

Watching wildlife. I am the one on the extreme right, leading a field course on birds in their habitats. English Lake District. Swindale nr Haweswater, Shap. May 2018. Photo courtesy Ruth Kirk.



 /images/FoLD birds & habitats course photo by Ruth Kirk (4) websized.jpg

Leading a field course on Lakeland birds and their habitats, Swindale near Haweswater, Shap. May 2018. Photo courtesy Ruth Kirk.


 /images/Acitrezza pillow lavas with SWM Sicily (5) webcompr.JPG

 On the pillow lava basalts at Acitrezza, north of Catania, Sicily. These are the earliest eruptive rocks which led to the formation of the Mt Etna volcano.

 /images/SWM field geologist Llanddwyn isl web compr1.JPG

Working out the geology of tuffs and red jaspery cherts on Llandwyn Island, Anglesey. April 2017


/images/Emily Husband Mott prizewinner 2016-7compr.JPG

One of my Fieldwork Prizewinners with me at the Scholars' Formal Dinner, Hatfield College, Durham University. February 2017.  This young lady later obtained First Class honours in her degree examinations in June 2017.  Fieldwork is essential to cutting edge in earth and biological sciences research, yet I am told it is on the decline globally due to pressure from Health and Safety and Child Protection legislature. It is time a stop was put to such ridiculous restrictions.

 /images/Hatfield Mentor Meal 032web1.JPG

With some of my mentor group, December 2014, prior to a Mentor's Dinner in College.




The hypabyssal exposure of "microgranite" at Fairy Crag Rosgill, Shap. For details, join a field trip, using the Contact form on the courses and field trips page.


Noting down Meadow pipit flight patterns, Shap Fells. June 2017



Golden Eagle hunting, Lewis/Harris border.


/images/Cuckoos mobbed by M Pipits Scalpay Hebrides May 2017compr1.jpg

/images/RNPhalarope Loch na Muilne Lewis May 2017comprweb1.jpg


/images/Blue tit threat to pied flycatcher Firth Wood 05-05-17webcompr1.jpg

/images/Borrowdale nr Seathwaite webcompr1.JPG

Borrowdale looking north from near Seathwaite. May 23rd 2017. During a field course I was leading.


ABOVE:  Amongst the melange at the southern tip of Llandwyn Island, Anglesey 17-04-17


 Photographing Lewisian gneisses on Harris, Outer Hebrides.


Clints and grykes on limestone pavement, Great Asby Scar NNR, Cumbria UK.


Teaching in the field. Demonstrating bedding planes in the Carboniferous of the Northumberland coast.



Cross bedding in Carboniferous limestone near Orton, Cumbria.



Teaching in the field. The Volcaniclastics of Borrowdale, English Lake District. August 2016.


The famous unconformity at Siccar Point, Berwickshire, Scotland, first described in the 18th C by James Hutton.


Hen Borth, Isle of Anglesey.

 /images/Lapwings at Croglin3web compr1.JPG

Male Lapwing in breeding plumage at Croglin, North Pennines.

/images/DSC04279webcompr annotated1.jpg

Igneous intrusion of Whin Sill now appears to overlie Carboniferous Limestone at Scarrowmanwick, North Pennines. (March 2017)

/images/Merlin male SWM sketch Langholm Moors 20171compr1.jpg

From my field notebook: a sketch of a male merlin seen on the Langholm Moors, Dumfries & Galloway, 24th March 2017. This is not the original sketch, which was a rough B&W sketch.