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Education is a lifelong activity - from cradle to grave, there's always something to learn  which stimulates the imagination.

Children must never be patronised - no dumbing down; children like to be stretched and challenged.

Adults don't always know best - children are always more able than we think. We need to learn from them.

Raising standards is essential - value added to the curriculum is what the children will remember most. Education is not just box ticking, it is about responding and stimulating their enthusiasm and imagination.

Integrity, honesty and rigour - in teaching and in our learning, we are setting examples for life.

Learning and education are seamless - subjects ought not to have boundaries and be open to common ground with others. Education also takes place outside of school, in the home, in the outdoors and from those who are not teachers.

When I work with children:

When I work with educational professionals and parents:

I do not accept any work which involves the management of decline; sadly there is so much of that around, especially in education and the church. If you are managing growth, expansion, enrichment and higher standards, then I can help you.

Schools – Senior Management & Governors

Please note that I am unable to provide a legal service or legal advice, nor do I provide mediation. However, I can recommend a mediator. I cannot represent you in any way.

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